Russ Briggeman – 3D Animator

I am a freelance 3D Animator specializing in Characters and Creatures using 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. I have worked on projects with Art Bully Studios, Monothetic, and the Crowbar Collective. If you’d like to discuss what we can create together, feel free to reach out.


Monothetic – BEACON Mini Reel 2019

Quick little update, I’ve put together some of my more recent animations for BEACON by Monothetic. I’m having a great time exploring this world and all of its strange creatuers and aliens.






Torchlight: Frontiers – Reveal Trailer

I am happy to say I am contributing amazingly fun animations for this title, more info to come. Check it out!

Animation Mentor Workshop – Game Combat

A short workshop I completed in 2016 to refine in-game animation skills.


Beacon – Monothetic – Release Trailer

I’ve been so proud to work on this project. It has a great art style and a wonderful team of people. I’ve animated almost everything in this game and the trailers, except for things like flame effects, some background objects, etc.