Russ Briggeman – 3D Animator

I am a freelance 3D Animator specializing in Characters and Creatures using 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. I have worked on projects with Art Bully Studios, Monothetic, and the Crowbar Collective.

As of November 2021, I am not accepting commissions at this time. Please check this page for updates when I am again open to new projects.

Animation Demo Reel – 2020

I’ve assembled some in-game footage as well as some new personal work for the latest edition of my demo reel, featuring work from Black Mesa and Torchlight 3.

Vimeo Link:

Art Bully Productions – Torchlight: Frontiers Mini Reel 2019

Vimeo link:

I have, at long last, been given the green light to share some of the work I’ve done with Art Bully for the upcoming title Torchlight: Frontiers! I’m super excited for this game to come out, and I’m proud to be a part of this team. All work was completed in Autodesk Maya. All characters and rigs provided by Art Bully.

Dex – Body Mechanics WIP

Update – April 21, 2020 – I’ve been using this social distancing time to brush up on some core body mechanics, and after receiving some excellent feedback, I’ve made adjustments to weight, timing, and acting choices, so enjoy!

Vimeo link:

Monothetic – BEACON Mini Reel 2019 and Early Access Trailer

Quick little update, I’ve put together some of my more recent animations for BEACON by Monothetic. I’m having a great time exploring this world and all of its strange creatures and aliens. I’m also including the Early Access trailer that highlights some beautiful game play and cut scenes I animated.

Torchlight: Frontiers – Reveal Trailer

I am happy to say I am contributing amazingly fun animations for this title, more info to come. Check it out!

Animation Mentor Workshop – Game Combat

A short workshop I completed in 2016 to refine in-game animation skills.

Beacon – Monothetic – Release Trailer

I’ve been so proud to work on this project. It has a great art style and a wonderful team of people. I’ve animated almost everything in this game and the trailers, except for things like flame effects, some background objects, etc.